The latest Halloween costumes for 2021 are inspired by movie characters, most notably Captain Jack Sparrow

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During this period, most shops begin to offer the latest clothes for the celebration of Halloween, which falls on October 31, and because the weather is cold, in this period, clothes that can be worn in the winter to feel warm and inspired by horror films, according to the website “insider“.

The newest Halloween costumes for 2021

Coraline costume

The Coraline costume, which is a yellow raincoat, is one of the newest Halloween outfits for this year, and it is elegant and helps to feel warm with a blue wig that resembles the hair of the heroine of the movie.

Coraline costume

Jon Snow’s character

He is considered a fictional character known as “Jon Snow”, who was in the series “Game of Thrones”The outfit helps to feel warm, and the hair needs to be styled in a messy way, similar to Jon Snow’s hair.

Jon Snow costume
Jon Snow costume

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow’s costume, which consists of a coat, pants and hat, with the addition of a chin and a long wig, is similar to the famous fictional character, and this costume also helps to feel warm.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

Mrs. Maisel

And the ruby-red woolen coat that Mrs. Still wore in the series “The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel”, with gloves and a hat, and underneath, a pink dress, and a brown hat, which helps in getting an elegant look and feeling warm.

wool coat
Like Mrs. Maisel

Sandy from the movie “Grease”

You can wear a jacket and black leather pants, like the one Sandy was wearing from the movie “”Grease“, which helps a woman to get an elegant look in front of her friends, and makes her feel warm.

Clothes inspired by the movie Grease
Sandy’s clothes

Gwen Stacy from “Spider-Man”

Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Man costume, which can be worn during this year’s Halloween celebration, is a long coat over a black shirt and a purple skirt.

Spider Man
Spider Man

Wolverine character

Wolverine can be dressed up as a brown leather jacket, jeans, and gloves, which helps in creating an elegant look and feeling warm during the Halloween celebration.

Leather jacket and jeans
Wolverine character


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