Study: Some birds distinguish the mother’s call since she is in the egg

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publish date 2021-09-18 09:28:46

Behavioral ecologist Dianne Colombeli-Negrill noticed something strange more than a decade ago when she was hooking up the nests of Super Fairy Raines to record their sounds.

Science News published on Thursday that scientists have long wondered how individuals learn early in the developmental stages to perceive distinctive sounds. It is known that human embryos learn to recognize the voice of their mothers.

Birds belonging to the family “Malorus cyanus” distinguish the song of the parents since they are in the eggs before hatching, contrary to what was previously common that the sound perception of chicks begins after hatching, and ecologist at the University of Vienna Sonia Kleindorfer commented, “We knew we were about to find out.” .
This discovery came as a surprise to many ornithologists, says neuroscientist and vocal-learning Wan Chunliu (not involved in the new research): “We used to think that a lot of learning occurred after hatching, but now it seems that there is more and more evidence to suggest, they are listening. Even in the embryonic stage.

Co-author Mark Huber, a neuroscientist at the University of Illinois, said: ‘Birds, just like humans, have maternal, paternal and offspring communication even before birth.

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