If your husband is stingy and does not spend it on the house.. Tips that will help you deal with him

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When a woman marries, she may discover some defects in her husband that she did not see before marriage, so she begins to coexist with them to maintain the stability of her new family life, but some defects cause her to feel annoyed by the husband’s stinginess, and not spending it on the house and meeting her needs, and some women may not be able to live with This defect is to then ask for separation, and to avoid this, we review in the report, tips that help the wife coexist with the miser husband, according to the websitesunnewsonline“.

If you discover your husband’s vinegar, what do you do?

I don’t want to ask for money

The wife must stop asking her husband for money, because he feels disturbed and claims that she is a material woman who only cares about money in her life, which causes endless quarrels to ignite.

Let him feel that you need money

It is preferable for the wife to make her miser husband feel her need for money, by reminding him that the house does not have fruit or that an electrical device does not need repair, and so on, or that her dress has become smaller than her size, and thus the husband understands that he must spend on his house.

Tips for dealing with a miser husband

Make a shopping list

Some husbands are aware of the house’s need for money, yet he does not spend any money inside his house, and others do not know the requirements of the house, so the wife must prepare a list of the things that the house needs and present it to the husband to ask him to buy it, so that he feels embarrassed and buys the requirements of the house.

Dealing with a stingy man
Dealing with a stingy man

call your family

When the wife finds it difficult to deal with her miser husband, she must call her family in front of him and ask them for money, then the miser husband feels embarrassed, and has to buy the requirements of the house.

Buy a gift for your husband

The miserly husband may not get used to the idea of ​​buying gifts without any occasion, so it is preferable for the wife to start buying a gift for her husband, which makes him feel guilty, so that he too begins to buy a gift for her.

Scrooge man
Scrooge man

I work

A miserly man cannot meet his wife’s material requirements, so the wife must work to have her own money, so that she and her children can buy what she and her children want.


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