Foods that are not recommended to be eaten after the age of thirty

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publish date 2021-09-17 08:37:18

In an article published by Eat This, Not That, Dana Lee Smith reveals the foods and drinks you should give up after the age of 30.

The writer and commentator, who is specialized in publishing health instructions and awareness, advises, above all, to abstain from yogurt with different flavors, and the high percentage of sugar, equivalent to that in ice cream. This rule applies to muffins, pancakes, and bread for breakfast in the morning.

“Soda drinks contain dyes that can be carcinogenic, and they are the main source of sugar in the diet,” she says.

Smith included in the list of foods and drinks that should be abandoned after the age of thirty, the following items: meat with a crunchy crust; soy sauces and cheeses; sausages and salami; potato chips (chips); margarine; white bread; Bacon; substances containing pesticides; iced coffee and caffeinated ice cream; vegetarian burgers; canned fruits;

Smith advises avoiding beer and cocktails, as alcohol can cause insomnia, and the desire to eat more food the next day. The skin over time loses its elasticity and freshness and wrinkles appear.

Giving up these foods and drinks, she says, allows a person to age “safely” and maintain good looks and physique.

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