An unexpected surprise for a woman with a “burger”… and a strange justification from the restaurant

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publish date 2021-09-17 19:31:08

A woman who was eating a burger at a fast food restaurant in Bolivia was surprised to discover something “weird” in her sandwich.

While Stephanie Benitez was eating a “burger” from a hot burger restaurant in Santa Cruz, she was surprised by something stuck in her mouth.

And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, Stephanie found a cut finger in the sandwich she was eating.

Stephanie immediately posted a picture of the finger and the meal on her Facebook account, with a comment that said: “While eating, I found this finger in the meal.”

Stephanie continued to post videos showing the reaction of the restaurant’s employees after she asked his manager to speak with him, as he offered her anything she wanted as compensation.

In another video, published by Stephanie, a representative of the management of the restaurant chain appeared telling her that the “burgers” were ready to be prepared in the restaurant, and that such an incident had not been recorded with them before.

The “shocked” customer explained that the restaurant continued to operate as usual, as if nothing had happened at all.

After Stephanie’s post was widely circulated, a spokesman for the restaurant chain described the matter as an “unfortunate accident”, explaining that a worker lost part of his index finger while preparing the meat.

In response to the incident, the Deputy Minister of Defense for the rights of users and consumers decided to temporarily close the restaurant branch, and impose a fine on the company that owns the facility.

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