A lawsuit pursues “Netflix” .. The reason is to mislead the “Queen’s gambit”

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publish date 2021-09-17 19:33:48

A Soviet chess legend has filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Netflix over an episode of “The Queen’s Gamblit” that contained false information.

Eighty-year-old Georgian Nonna Gabrindashvili, the eighty-year-old Georgian chess legend and the first woman to win the title of “Grandmaster”, claimed that the Netflix series indicated in an episode of the “Queen’s Gambit” that she had never faced men in any matches.

In her lawsuit, Nouna said that the way she was portrayed in an episode of the series was biased against women, did not show her truth, and underestimated her abilities.

The subject of Nonna’s lawsuit relates to the last episode of the series, in which the heroine, played by actress Anya Taylor, plays a match against a Russian chess player in Moscow.

In the episode, the commentator on the match says, “The only unusual thing is that Beth Harmon is a female. Even world champion Nonna Gabrindashvili has never competed with a man in chess.”

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, Nouna stated in her lawsuit that “until 1969, she competed against 59 men throughout her chess career, and managed to beat 28 of them at the same time in one match.”

Nonna also considered that what “Netflix” had done was to add excitement to the series, by making her fictional character, able to achieve what no woman had succeeded in before.

Netflix responded to Nona’s lawsuit with a statement saying, “Ms. Nonna Gabrindashvili’s claim is not true, and the network values ​​her distinguished career, but will vigorously defend against the lawsuit.”

It is worth noting that Nonna started playing chess at the age of thirteen, like the character Beth Harmon in the series, and at the age of twenty, she became the world champion.

Nouna, who still plays chess, has won 25 medals, and has previously won many international tournaments held around the world.

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