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Feryal Al-Kofhi .. “icon” of folk and traditional dishes

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publish date 2021-09-18 12:53:57

– Mother Feryal has become an address for many Jordanians and visitors to the Kingdom who wish to eat the oldest popular dishes
– Her idea started in 1993 in her home in Irbid Governorate, and her business expanded after the great demand for her food
Makmoura, Kishk, Lazakiyat, Matching Types, Kebabs, and others are popular dishes that are always present in Al-Kofhi Kitchen.

The differences in the thinking and interests of generations, and the development of different walks of life, are reflected in the level of adherence of large groups of Jordanian society to popular and heritage dishes that they inherited from parents and grandparents, which have reached the point of oblivion, and their presence at their tables is often a rarity.

The “icon” of Jordanian folk dishes, Faryal Al-Kofhi, Umm Muhammad, has become an address for many of its citizens and visitors to her country who wish to eat the oldest popular dishes, through a special kitchen that she established for this purpose.

In the Jordanian traditional dress embroidered by hand, “Al-Sharsh,” Umm Muhammad, 57, received the Anatolian correspondent in her kitchen in Irbid Governorate (North), and talked about the idea of ​​her project and its source, and the reason for her adherence to preparing popular meals desirable for the public, which many do not master.

At the beginning of her speech, Al-Koufhi said: “The idea started in 1993 in my husband’s house in the Hoor area (belonging to Irbid Governorate), and then I decided to move to the city in 2015.”

She added: “Since my childhood I have loved healthy folk foods with their natural ingredients, and I noticed this on my mother’s grandmother, who lived 114 years, without suffering from any chronic diseases thanks to her eating them.”

Al-Koufhi, a mother of five sons and three daughters, considered that she drew strength and determination from her husband and sons, pointing out that she initially clashed with the rural and rural community’s view of her work, but her family’s support for her dispelled all fears.

And she continued: “Most of the dishes I prepare include the original olive oil in their preparation, which makes them desirable and increases the demand for them.”

Makmoura, Kishk, Lazakiyat, Matching Types, Kebabs and other dishes are popular dishes that are always present in Al-Koofhi Kitchen, and they have their customers from all over the Kingdom and abroad.

She explained that due to the high demand for its food during its participation in popular exhibitions, it is the first destination for its visitors. ‎

It is also the first in the exhibitions despite the presence of more than 30 bakeries (indicating the large number of participants and their superiority over them); And that the Kingdom’s finest restaurants ask for its food to be served, she said. ‎

Makmoura is one of the most popular Jordanian dishes and the most requested of the koofhi, which is a dish made of wheat dough and chicken, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Al-Kofhi prepares its dishes on demand, and the prices of some of them start at 35 piasters (49 cents), and reach their highest limit to 270 dinars (380 dollars).

The repercussions of the Corona crisis affected Umm Muhammad, as well as other sectors, as she indicated that 8 out of 18 employees work with her (before the epidemic crisis), in addition to about 60 women who work from their homes.

As she rolled the dough for Eid bread on her wooden mold, Al-Koufhi expressed her pride in the reputation she had achieved, as she said that her dishes had reached outside the Kingdom, especially the United States of America.

They said, “The mother does not say do you want, but gives.” The Jordanian woman was able to realize her dream through her work by enrolling her children in universities, and they obtained degrees in medicine, engineering, nursing and pharmacy.

With pride in what she has done for her children, Al-Kofhi said: “God is satisfied with them, if I wanted (I want) a palace of gold, they would build it for me, even the doctor comes from the hospital to help me like the rest of his brothers.”

As for her husband, Ahmed Dahhadha, 62, he said, “The beginning was difficult. Because our societies are rural and do not accept women’s work.”

He added, “When I saw the great demand for its products, I did not pay attention to people’s words and encouraged it until it became known to everyone for its delicious dishes.”


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