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An appreciation for “Al-Zaytouna” reads the prospects for Jordan’s relationship with Hamas

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publish date 2021-09-18 15:18:09

Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations issued its strategic estimate of 125, in which it discussed the prospects for the relationship between Jordan and Hamas, in light of the great political changes that occurred in the Palestinian arena in the past months, especially after the Battle of Saif al-Quds, which made Hamas to the fore in the Palestinian scene.

The assessment reviewed the fluctuations in Jordan’s relationship with Hamas over the past thirty years, and pointed out that Jordan has many overlapping calculations and delicate balances in the possibility of developing its relationship with Hamas.

The assessment identified three possible scenarios for the future of the relationship, ranging between the continuation of the existing situation, partial development, and qualitative development. It is likely that the development in the relationship during the coming period will be partial and limited, achieving some significant gains, and at the same time avoiding official Jordan from bearing burdens that it does not want to pay for in the current stage. The current situation, despite the important changes that occurred on the Palestinian and regional scene.

The assessment considered that this scenario constitutes a half-step forward that meets some of the demands of the Jordanian street and its political and clan elites, and provides an opportunity to strengthen the regional presence, while at the same time avoiding embarrassment in the relationship with the authority, “Israel” and some Arab and international parties.

The assessment concluded by recommending Jordan to be open to the various actors and influencers in the Palestinian scene, to stand at the same distance from the national action factions, to develop the relationship with Hamas and to transfer it from its humanitarian dimension and its security ceiling to the political level.

The appreciation called for investing in the relationship with the parties to the Palestinian equation to enhance Jordan’s role and active presence in the region, in a way that serves its national interests and the interests of the Palestinian people.

He called for strengthening cooperation between Jordan, which is in charge of administering the affairs of holy sites, and the various political and popular forces in the Palestinian arena, in order to protect Jerusalem and the holy sites and to confront the continuous Israeli violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The assessment recommended coordinating efforts between the national forces in Jordan and Palestine to confront Israeli plans targeting the Palestinian land and the rights of the Palestinian people, and to defend Jordan in the face of Zionist ambitions and to thwart transfer and settlement plots and the alternative homeland project.

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