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Al-Adwan criticizes Al-Hawari and the MPs… and wins for health doctors

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publish date 2021-09-17 13:33:23

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The former Minister of State for Information Affairs, Taher Al-Adwan, launched a sharp attack on the Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, the House of Representatives in general and the Health Committee in particular, against the background of the death of the girl “Lynn” in Al-Bashir Hospital.

In a post on his Facebook account, Al-Adwan criticized Minister Al-Hawari’s justification of the death incident, as well as the Parliamentary Health Committee’s success in its interaction with the case and its keenness to achieve populist gains.

Al-Adwan also defended the doctors and the shortage of human cadres and medical equipment provided by the hospitals of the Ministry of Health.

The following is the publication of the aggression:

The Minister of Health was not successful with the justifications he presented in the issue of the death of Al-Bashir’s child (may God help her parents and inspire them patience, and everyone shared their sorrows with them).

The minister’s concern was to defend his ministry’s policy, and he had to announce the tragic reality of the public health sector, even if it cost him to resign, and not indirectly participate, by blaming doctors who work amid severe overcrowding of patients and a shortage of families as long as it caused tragedies before.

There is a difference between the doctor’s shortcomings in a healthy environment that gives him time for diagnosis and treatment, and an environment that exhausts his body and mind (so that he can enjoy his light). We have seen in the Corona pandemic how doctors were summoned to government hospitals for 180 dinars per month, it is an environment that expels all medical competencies of all specialties.

As for the members of the Health Committee from the representatives, they found only the minister to charge him, in order to gain popularity, instead of looking responsibly and seriously at the catastrophic health situation, resulting from the scarcity of medical competencies and modern equipment in health centers and hospitals.

They must first review their positions by giving blank confidence to governments that have neglected in their budgets the public health sector and emptied it of competencies, and made its doctors work in a working atmosphere unworthy of humans in terms of exploiting the doctor with an effort that far exceeds his scientific and physical capacity, just as it is not worthy of patients who do not have the price of treating their families and children.

If this government and parliamentary injustice continues at the head of doctors and nurses without reference to the real reason, which is the failure of government policies to provide the correct treatment environment for doctors, nurses and patients, and ignoring putting every penny in the budget under a microscope, then the medical and nursing exodus outside the country will continue, and it may come At a time when parents do not send their children to medical colleges so as not to lose them in light of the accusations that turn them into criminals, while the criminals who destroyed the health sector as they were destroyed by the public education sector, they are responsible for the privatization of the unruly wasted public money and impoverished the country and placed the state budget in the face of a dead end. He worked for governments, except for tax collection and borrowing to pay salaries.

When do we see parliamentarians clashing with governments and succeeding in bringing them down, if they deserved, and it is enough to hold the minister accountable and leave the government, for the government is called a cabinet and its head heads a council that is united in its decisions and policies. Who is in your hand and only you in the homeland have the constitutional ability to turn accountability into a deed and not (to a hybrid). Or are you still afraid that if the government leaves, you will go?

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