Thieves failed to rob banks.. Here are these funny incidents

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After the security services arrested two people who carried out an armed robbery at a bank branch in Amman on Tuesday, without gaining anything from the theft, Jordanians recalled similar incidents that showed the thieves’ failure to plan bank robberies.

In the latest incident, the media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, said that on Tuesday, a report was received that two armed people entered a bank branch in the Airport Road area in Amman, and asked for money from employees at gunpoint.

Al-Sartawi added that, during that, one of the two people shot his partner in the crime and one of the employees in the hand area, and the perpetrator fled, leaving his injured partner in the place.

He stressed that as soon as the report was received, the area was closed and the description of the fugitive and the vehicle he was traveling in was circulated, so that, in record time, he was arrested after committing a deterioration accident, and the used firearm was seized in his possession.

Al-Sartawi added that the injured employee and partner in the crime were taken to the hospital, and an investigation was opened into the incident.

This incident, which occurred about 4 months after a previous robbery, brought Jordanians back to that incident, which also showed the perpetrator’s failure to plan the robbery.

In May of this year, an armed robbery with a white weapon occurred at a bank branch in the Marka area of ​​the capital, Amman, in which 5,000 dinars were stolen.

However, the cadres of the Public Security Directorate arrested the perpetrator. The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, confirmed that a person with precedence entered a branch of a bank in the Marka area and threatened the employees with a sharp tool that was in his possession, and took the sum of 5,000 dinars and fled. .

Al-Sartawi added that one of the traffic sergeants, in cooperation with a number of citizens in the place, was able to catch up with that person and arrest him and seize the stolen amount in his possession, and the traffic sergeant handed him over according to the rules to follow up on legal procedures.

Back in 2019, citizens recall an armed robbery at a bank branch in the capital, Amman, which led to the theft of only 53 dinars, which drew the ridicule of Jordanians, which ended with the arrest of the participants in the crime.

At that time, the Public Security Directorate confirmed the arrest of two people, one of whom was wearing women’s clothes, in an armed robbery of a bank branch in the Wadi Al-Ramm area, and they robbed 53 dinars at gunpoint and fled the scene, while security investigations were launched into the incident.

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