The Ennahda Movement calls for an acceleration of ending the “Kais Saied procedures”

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publish date 2021-09-17 13:24:51

The Tunisian Ennahda movement called for the speedy termination of the exceptional measures taken by President Kais Saied on July 25, which included a freezing of parliament, lifting the immunity of MPs, and dismissing Prime Minister Hicham Al-Mashishi.

The movement said in a statement, after a meeting of its executive office, that “there is no solution to get out of the country’s crisis except through a comprehensive national dialogue,” stressing the need to devote the atmosphere to the achievement of major reforms, in a way that opens political horizons, and returns power to the people.

Al-Nahda demanded to expedite the lifting of the exceptional situation and the appointment of the person charged with forming a legitimate government, capable of facing the difficult economic and social conditions.

And she considered that “the 2014 constitution represented a social contract and enjoyed great consensus and popular approval, and was the fruit of the national dialogue that raised Tunisia’s status high,” in her response to the allusion to abolishing the constitution.

And she continued: “The constitution included mechanisms for amending it from within, in accordance with a consensus between all political parties and representatives of civil society.”

Regarding the Tunisian-Libyan border closed since July 8, the movement affirmed “the depth of brotherly, historical and strategic relations between the Tunisian and Libyan peoples,” expressing its refusal to disturb bilateral relations from any side. It called for the speedy opening of the borders between the two countries for the free movement of people and goods.

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