“Al-Faisaly” defeated “Al-Jazeera” by a clean four

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publish date 2021-09-17 20:00:48

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Al-Faisaly club advanced against its counterpart “Al-Jazira” by 4 goals without a response in the match that was held at Amman International Stadium, today, Friday.

Ahmed Al-Arsan scored for “Faisali” a goal after only 46 seconds, which is considered the fastest goal in the Jordanian Professional League, while Youssef Al-Rawashdeh scored the second and third goal for his team in the 20th minute and 41st minute of the match.

The fourth goal of Al-Faisali was scored by Nizar Al-Rashdan.

Al-Jazira club had recently agitated and won an important victory over Al-Baqa by 3-0 to advance to sixth place with 22 points.

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