The fact that the “dress girl” reconciled with the university after bullying

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publish date 2021-09-17 07:31:07

The student, Habiba Tariq, known in the media as “The Dress Girl”, recounted in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” the details of the reconciliation between her and Tanta University, and the female observers who were acquitted by the prosecution’s decision.

Last June, Habiba, a student at the Faculty of Arts at Tanta University, was bullied by some observers over the examination committees of the second semester of the academic year.

The student, Habiba Tariq, explained, in a post at the time, that she went to the university to take an exam, and she was wearing a “dress.” After the exam, she went to get her personal card, because the students handed it in before entering the committee, only to be surprised by the committee’s observer sarcastically because of the dress.

Habiba confirmed that she responded to the initiative of the President of Tanta University to reconcile between the two parties within the university’s corridors, and that the university summoned her for consultations on whether she wanted to reconcile or not. Habiba said that “the scenes of the reconciliation came based on the prosecutor’s decision that there was no clear evidence of the incident,” denying that there was any pressure on her from any side to reconcile. She added that she reconciled because she does not want the matter to continue any longer in the courts and cases.

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