Fifi Abdo: I was working day and night to manage Hajj money

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publish date 2021-09-17 21:46:29

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The Egyptian artist, Fifi Abdo, recalled a position she had with her parents, and how she was able to secure funds for their Hajj travel, saying: “I worked day and night to manage the money.”

Fifi also revealed her father’s relationship with her mother after his marriage to another, indicating that “my father did not divorce my mother, and my mother preferred my father’s custody until he died, and he died young.”

And she added: “I was aware of my mother performing Hajj on the ship, and at that time he did not have money with me, and I was preparing the money that my mother can perform Hajj, and suddenly I found my father inside me saying (this is why you have to make your mother perform Hajj and I do not .. I told him how I prepared you for Hajj with my mother), and he was not. I had money at the time, and I don’t know how to manage this money, and I worked day and night to manage the money.. He was very happy and happy.”

And Fifi continued: “My father was a very good man and a very good moon, and he was kidnapped from six of his beauty, and he was severe in his severity, he grabbed me from the middle, raised me and lowered me with his hands, and he held the silver and applied it with his hands.”

And she said, “If she was jealous of her and her love for him, she used to keep his clothes and cut them, but there was literature between them, and Omar, my father, did not extend his hand to my mother.”

It is noteworthy that the artist, Fifi Abdo, suffered during the last period from a health crisis due to an injection that she took the wrong way in her back, which caused her to need an operation.

Fifi recently announced her recovery, and her travels to the North Coast to spend her summer vacation, and she also began appearing on her official page on the “Instagram” website.

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