An “exciting” discovery for investigators into the mystery of the “Bermuda Triangle”

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publish date 2021-09-17 19:17:26

Investigators have made an exciting discovery related to the Bermuda Triangle, while trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of 5 planes.

Flight 19, which disappeared off the coast of Florida a few months after the end of World War II, and included five American bombers, is one of the most mysterious mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

In December 1945, the squadron set out from Fort Lauderdale, bombing an area called Haines and Chicken Shoals, and as the planes headed north to return to the base, the flight commander, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, encountered problems with the navigation system, and the planes flew off course.

It is believed that the plane entered the Bermuda Triangle, the ocean region stretching from Florida to Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

All 14 men on board the planes, and 13 other men sent to look for them on two rescue flights, were missing and were never seen again.

Recently, a new documentary titled “History’s Greatest Mystery” sheds light on the efforts of a team of experts to track down the planes lost in this accident.

In the documentary, marine biologist and marine explorer Mike Barnett enlisted the help of a Florida fisherman as he explored a possible plane wreck that belonged to the missing squadron.

When divers discovered the site, they realized that it was not a plane but the wreck of a giant ship, 200 feet long.

According to Barnett, the ship was carrying a strange cargo, a white substance resembling clay.

Barnett matched the discovery to a famous cargo ship that was lost in the Bermuda Triangle 71 years ago, according to the British newspaper, “Express”.

Laboratory analyzes concluded that the white substance was DDT, which is identical to the substance on board the “Sandra” ship, which sank with 12 people on board in the Bermuda Triangle.

Barnett described the discovery, saying: “While we were trying to find information about the missing squadron of planes, we came across another mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, which we hope to demystify one day.”

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