A shocking statement from Moderna… “The effectiveness of our vaccine is declining with time”

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publish date 2021-09-16 16:13:34

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Although the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration have confirmed that a third dose of the Corona virus vaccine is not currently necessary, Moderna has a different opinion.

In a shocking press release, the company announced that new data from a large trial of its Covid-19 vaccine shows that the protection it provides declines over time, supporting its argument for a booster dose, according to Reuters.

600,000 more cases of

“This is just one estimate, but we firmly believe that this means that, as we head into the fall and winter, we anticipate that the estimated effect of reduced immunity will be reflected in at least 600,000 more cases of COVID-19,” Moderna President Stephen Hogg said on a conference call with investors. 19″.

Hogg also did not expect the number of severe cases, but he pointed out that some of them will require hospitalization.


prolong immunity

In addition, he added, data from the company’s studies of the booster dose show that the vaccine can increase antibodies to levels higher than those that appeared after the second dose.

He explained, “We believe that this will reduce cases of Covid-19, and we also believe that a third dose will extend the life of immunity for much of the next year as we try to eradicate the pandemic.”

It is noteworthy that these data contrast sharply with others provided by recent studies that indicated that the protection of Moderna vaccine lasts longer than the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine. On September 1, Moderna applied to the US Food and Drug Administration for authorization for a booster dose.

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