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The launch of a comprehensive national campaign for hygiene tomorrow.. Saturday

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publish date 2021-09-17 14:07:22

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On Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration, Tawfiq Krishan, will launch a comprehensive and continuous national campaign for public hygiene in all governorates of the Kingdom under the slogan (With Our Hands), in cooperation between the Ministry of Local Administration and Municipalities.

Krishan launches, at ten o’clock on Saturday morning, from the Hisban Forest of the new municipality of Naour, and simultaneously from all the municipalities of the Kingdom, the national campaign for cleanliness, which comes within the context of the royal directives and the government’s continuous plans to maintain cleanliness in all cities, villages, countryside and valleys, and to involve various sectors its national.

The “Basaadna” campaign aims to strengthen the practical partnership between the various official bodies, civil society institutions, the youth, women’s and popular sectors, and local communities with municipalities, in order to jointly contribute to the provision of a healthy and sound environment for the citizen and the continuous maintenance of cleanliness, especially since the religious, moral and behavioral system and the Arab and tribal customs and traditions of Jordan Al-Aseelah always urges us to keep the environment in which we live and around us healthy, safe and secure.

The campaign also aims to enrich the values ​​of active citizenship and the spirit of teamwork, participatory and cooperation, and to deepen the concept of “volunteering” in public work, which is directly and indirectly reflected on the Jordanian citizen and the Kingdom’s guests and visitors, and contributes to involving everyone in the protection of environmental resources, national natural resources, forests, parks and gardens and preserving it from pollution, attrition and tampering, especially those related to our daily life, tourism, archaeological, heritage, development, investment, agricultural, health and other sectors.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Local Administration, Municipalities, Joint Services Councils and Municipal Affairs Directorates in the various governorates of the Kingdom have drawn up general plans and programs at the level of the Kingdom and sub-levels at the level of cities, villages, rural areas and deserts, and mobilized all their energies, capabilities and capabilities to make the national campaign successful (with our help), and to ensure its continuity and sustainability.

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