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Publication of an amended draft of the Food and Drug Administrative Regulation System

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publish date 2021-09-17 10:24:34

The Legislation and Opinion Bureau published a revised draft system for the administrative organization system for the Food and Drug General Corporation.

Here is the text of the draft:

Article 1 – This system is called (A revised system of the administrative regulation system of the General Food and Drug Corporation for the year 2021) and read with Regulation No. 32 of 2017 and its amendments, and hereinafter referred to as the original system as a single system and shall be in effect from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article 2 – Article (3) of the original system shall be amended as follows:

First: Clause (d) of the original system shall be deleted and replaced with the following item: D. Assistant Director-General: – Assistant Director-General for Administrative Affairs. – Assistant Director-General for Technical Affairs.

Second: Add Clause No. (4), Clause (5), Clause (6) and Clause (7) to paragraph (f) of the original system with the following text: 4- Information technology unit. 5- Classification unit. 6- Media unit. 7- Bidding and Procurement Unit.

Article 3 – First: Paragraph (c) of Article (4) of the original system shall be amended by canceling Clause No. (1) and replacing it with the following two items: 1- The Assistant Director General for Technical Affairs, with whom each of the following is related: a. Medicine Directorate b. Food Directorate c. Directorate of medical devices and supplies d. Directorate of Laboratories. H. Tobacco Unit. 2- Assistant Director General for Administrative Affairs, and the following are associated with him: a. Directorate of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs b. Directorate of Planning and Development of Institutional Performance c. Directorate of Financial Affairs Dr. Information Technology and Electronic Transformation Unit e. Bidding and Procurement Unit. Second: Re-numbering items (2,3,4) to become (3,4,5) respectively. Article 4 – Paragraph (a) of Article (5) of the original system shall be amended by deleting item No. (1) and replacing it with the following item: 1. Assistant General Manager.

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