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“Health” announces operating Corona examination centers today, Friday – Asma

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publish date 2021-09-17 10:39:31

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The Ministry of Health announced the names of the Corona (PCR) examination centers operating on Friday in the Kingdom.

Here are the centers:

* Capital

Amman Comprehensive Health Center

Prince Hamza Hospital

Al Bashir Hospital

Jubaiha Health Center

* blue

Health Directorate Building

Al Mushairfa Health Center

Al Dhalil Health Center

Prince Faisal Hospital

Zarqa Governmental Hospital

* Mafraq

Mafraq Governmental Hospital

Northern Badia Hospital

Al-Ruwaished Hospital

* Ramtha

Western Ramtha Health Center

* Irbid

Directorate of Health

Qeem Health Center

Princess Basma Hospital

* Jerash

Jerash comprehensive health center

Qadisiyah health center

* Ajloun

Prince Hassan Kufranja Health Center

Ajloun Comprehensive Health Center

* Balqa

New Salt Hospital

Prince Hussein Hospital

Al-Wadi Youth Charity Association

South Shouna Hospital

* parasite

Ain Al Bayda Health Center

Caravan of Tafila Health Directorate


Petra Comprehensive Health Center

Queen Rania Al Abdullah Hospital

* Even though

Shoubak Health Center

Al-Jafr Health Center

* obstacle

Alqoereh health center

Orphan Valley Border Center

Wadi Araba Customs Center

* Karak

Karak Comprehensive Health Center

Princess Salha Center / Ghor Al Safi

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