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Al-Massad denies canceling the “Collins” curriculum agreement (video and photos)

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publish date 2021-09-17 22:28:17

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The Director of the National Center for Curriculum Development, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Massad, denied the validity of the recent news circulating about canceling the agreement of the British “Harper Collins” publishing house, indicating that the series issued by the publishing house is an academic reference for mathematics and science based on Jordanian experiences and Jordanian cultural contexts, as it has been adapted and harmonized Jordan.

Al-Massad added, during a symposium held by the Al-Sareeh Association for Thought and Culture at Al-Sareeh Girls Secondary School, today, Friday, in the presence of education directors and a large gathering of educational experts and parents, that the previous experimental editions were canceled, and the writing of 10 classes was started with Jordanian expertise, explaining that the agreement is not given to experts. “Collins” no interference but the series was purchased as a foreign reference.

He stressed that the development of curricula is carried out by Jordanian experts, as the content depends on the promotion and development of the values ​​of loyalty and belonging, and the development of thinking skills based on national controls and national and religious values.

Al-Massad pointed out that all the books developed in the Islamic education topic are books written by Jordanian experts, which won the admiration and appreciation of educators from specialists in the field and from all religious references in Jordan, who praised the level and content that achieved a qualitative shift towards teaching thinking, integrating value systems and building the Islamic personality.

In response to the audience’s questions, he indicated that the philosophy of the new curricula is based on meeting teaching skills on the basis of critical thinking based on programming and sound planning.

Al-Massad pointed out, “We depend on raising the percentage of skills-based education that includes cross-subject and classroom concepts, employing technology and providing content with advanced teaching methods in rich and exciting learning environments.”

For his part, the curriculum expert at the center, Dr. Thouqan Obeidat, stated that the center is keen to base its policy on differentiation and translate the curricula into content that meets the distinct needs to meet the requirements of the future, and takes into account in designing the curricula the building of a balanced personality in terms of teaching thinking and imbibing values, modernity, technology and national identity .

The President of the Society, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shayyab, praised the role of the National Curriculum Center in its development of curricula to comply with the spirit and requirements of the times, expressing his high appreciation for the advanced level of curricula that match the highest international standards with high-level Jordanian expertise.

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