The crowd continues in Tunisia to protest Saturday against “violating the constitution”

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publish date 2021-09-16 21:33:52

The Tunisian arena is witnessing a continuation of the crowd’s calls for a protest movement next Saturday, against President Kais Saied’s intention to suspend the constitution and make amendments to it, amid calls as well for a specific return to Parliament.

The “Amal and Action Movement” called on its supporters to participate in the protest movement that activists called to organize on Saturday in the capital, Tunis, against what they described as a “coup against the constitution and its violation.”

This came in a statement issued by the movement, on Wednesday, declaring its “support for all the anti-coup protest movements,” calling on its “supporters to support and participate in them, as long as they respect the laws in force,” as she put it.

The movement said that this call comes from its adherence to “a principled position rejecting the coup against the constitution and its violation, on July 25,” a position that it expressed many times, whether on its official page or through its deputy, Yassin al-Ayari.

The “Amal and Action Movement” pointed out that it “was the first to call and initiate action on the ground against the coup and military trials through the organized vigil on September 11, and in our keenness to respect the constitution and the right to freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration.”

The movement reminded all Tunisian citizens residing in Germany that it will organize, in the same way, two protests against the trial of civilians before the military court, in the German capital, “Berlin” and the city of Bonn, next Saturday as well.

On July 25, Tunisian President Kais Saied decided to freeze Parliament for a period of 30 days (extended on August 23), to lift the immunity of deputies, and to dismiss Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, provided that he himself assumes the executive authority, with the help of a government whose head is appointed, Then he issued orders to dismiss officials and appoint others.

Most of the parties, including Ennahda, rejected what Said had done, and considered it a coup against the constitution.

Tunisian activists, including members of parliament, called for a protest movement on Saturday, in all governorates, to demand a return to the constitutional path.

specific return

Tunisian parliamentarians presented an initiative to President Kais Saied, which includes their vision for the next stage, and proposes solutions to the current crisis in Tunisia, without departing from the constitutional framework.

Representative Ayachi Al-Zammal revealed to local media that 70 deputies from various parliamentary blocs, with the exception of the Ennahda Party and the Dignity Coalition, requested a meeting with the President of the State, Qais Saied, to discuss ways to resolve the current crisis and remove ambiguity from the political scene, within the framework of the constitution.

He said that among the solutions that the deputies will propose is a temporary return to Parliament for a specified period, during which it will give confidence to the next government, revise the election law, and restrict the constitution following a national dialogue, then hold premature parliamentary elections within six months or a year.

labor union

For its part, the “Tunisian General Labor Union” renewed its demand for the formation of a mini-government to confront the economic, social and health issues, ensure the continuity of the state and implement its commitments, and preserve the gains made by the revolution, including the constitution.

The union said – in a statement – that any delay in this will only deepen the crisis, dismantle the state and threaten its entity.

He stressed the need to determine the end of the exceptional period, and to indicate the parameters of the necessary subsequent measures according to a participatory consultative vision, to get out of the state of paralysis that afflicted most of the state’s agencies.

He condemned what he described as the bullying of some political forces abroad, and expressed his refusal to involve Tunisia in the politics of regional and international axes.

Less than two months after announcing his exceptional measures, Tunisian President Kais Saied, and before him his diplomatic advisor, disclosed the possibility of introducing amendments to the 2014 constitution, without details about what the amendments were or the mechanism for passing them in light of the parliament’s freeze.

Tunisia has witnessed a severe political crisis, since Said decided to overthrow the constitution and the country’s democracy by freezing the powers of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (Parliament) and lifting the immunity of its deputies, in addition to dismissing the head of government, provided that he himself assumes the executive authority, with the help of a government whose president is appointed, mocking the All demands for a clear road map for the post-coup phase.

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