Abu Qaoud reveals the most prominent amendments to the internal system of “Faisali”

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publish date 2021-09-16 16:35:16

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Today, Thursday, the head of the temporary committee of Al-Faisaly Club, Dr. Salem Abu Qaoud, revealed the most important amendments to the team’s internal system, after submitting it to the Minister of Youth, Muhammad Al-Nabulsi, for approval.

Abu Qaoud indicated, in press statements, that the new amendments include limiting the period allowed for the candidacy of the chairman of the board of directors to only two terms, instead of the time period for candidacy being open-ended, noting that the amendments include increasing the period of time for the club’s council to 3 years instead of two years.

He pointed out that the amendments come in line with the licensing and registration system for clubs and youth bodies.

In a related context, Abu Qaoud said that the club’s general assembly will be invited early next month to discuss the youth minister’s directives regarding taking the necessary decisions to open the door for membership in the club’s general assembly, in addition to reviewing membership and affiliation fees.

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