Tragedy inside a famous mall in Egypt

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publish date 2021-09-16 17:08:10

A new suicide incident shook Egypt, on Wednesday evening, the victim of which was a twenty-year-old girl who threw herself from the highest floor of a high floor inside a shopping mall.

And spread on social media, the video of the surveillance cameras, which showed the moment of the suicide of a young woman from the sixth floor of the “City Stars” center in central Cairo.

The young woman appeared watching passersby to make sure that no one was watching her, before climbing the glass fence, and throwing herself from the top of the floor to the floor of the mall.

“Sky News Arabia” refrains from publishing the video, as it contains harsh scenes that will hurt the feelings of readers.

This painful incident sparked a wave of grief on social media, and many questioned the reasons why a young woman committed suicide.

The investigation authorities requested investigations by the security services about the suicide of the “City Stars girl” and to antagonize the workers and eyewitnesses who were present at the time of the incident to find out the causes of the accident.

According to Egyptian sources, eyewitnesses to the suicide of the City Stars girl revealed that the suicide girl attended the mall at an early hour, and sat inside a cafe.

Witnesses indicated that she had drinks and was talking to a person on the phone and crying, before shouting on her phone to the other party: “It is forbidden for you, it is forbidden for you to do this, why”, before committing suicide.

A source indicated that the ambulance arrived to transport the girl to the nearest hospital and she was alive as she left the mall in the ambulance, before she died after unsuccessful resuscitation attempts.

The source explained that preliminary information indicated that the girl is studying at the Faculty of Medicine, and she is in her twenties, and she may have been subjected to nervous pressure that led to her taking this step, according to the explanation of the mall management source.

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