Important reasons why you should take apple cider vinegar daily

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The taste or smell of apple cider vinegar may not be acceptable, but incorporating this drink into your daily diet can significantly improve your health.

Dr. Deborah gave me 3 reasons to consume apple cider vinegar:


Vinegar has powerful antioxidant properties, and antioxidants are essential for good health because they neutralize dangerous molecules called free radicals.

Dr. Lee said: “Free radicals are produced every day as part of normal metabolism, but they cause DNA damage. It is linked to the development of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.” Thus, adding apple cider vinegar may help prevent these life-threatening diseases.

Weight loss

Apple cider vinegar has several specific effects that are believed to lead to weight loss. Several human studies have shown that it reduces appetite, improves feelings of fullness, helps regulate blood sugar levels, and impairs fat storage and storage.

Reduces cholesterol

High cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart disease or stroke, because fatty substances in the blood can clog blood vessels.

Besides eating less fatty foods, getting more exercise, and stopping smoking and drinking alcohol, apple cider vinegar can help lower cholesterol levels.

In a 2018 study, the average decrease in total cholesterol in people who took apple cider vinegar for 12 weeks was 5.1 mg/dL compared to 3.05 mg/dL in the control group.

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