A scientific discovery… these substances slow down aging

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publish date 2021-09-15 19:43:35

Scientists have reached a new scientific discovery, which may help to maintain “youth” and delay the external factors associated with aging.

While researching the biological mechanisms behind bone deterioration, scientists made a discovery that could help treat age-related conditions such as osteoporosis by regenerating stem cells that are essential in this process.

The newly published study shows how some changes affect the performance of these stem cells with age, but also shows how sodium acetate can be used to restore their ability to drive the development of new bone material.

It is a normal function of aging that parts of the human body do not function as they did before, and the same is true of the mesenchymal stem cells in our bone marrow.

However, their ability to do so deteriorates as we get older.

Scientists isolated mesenchymal stem cells, known as senescent cells, from the bone marrow of mice and treated them with a nutrient solution containing sodium acetate, a common food additive.

This treatment turned acetate into a building block that then binds the enzymes to histones, increasing access to the genes and boosting their activity.

Thus, scientists have made a revolutionary discovery, which is the use of sodium to slow the aging of bones, and strengthen the structure of a person until a later age.

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