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University Hospital clarifies about the closure of the blood bank for donors

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publish date 2021-09-16 22:15:27

The University of Jordan Hospital clarified in a statement on Thursday that its blood bank is working around the clock, preparing and securing blood for inpatients and for emergency cases, but the reception of donors stops at exactly six o’clock in the evening, in line with the policy of maintaining the safety of blood handling and transfusion. .

The hospital stated in the same statement that the hospital’s director general, Dr. Jamal Massaad Melhem, went to the hospital as soon as he received the news and supervised the opening of the blood bank – exceptionally – in front of the coming donors to secure about (40) units of blood type (AB) for a child lying on the recovery bed in the hospital. Intensive care is sufficient for (4) days, stressing that the child is now in a stable condition.

Melhem thanked the public security officers, led by Major General Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, who came to donate blood for the child and responded to the call on the hour.

The statement came as a clarification on what some websites circulated about the closure of the blood bank at the University of Jordan Hospital for donors, and the hospital administration called on all media of all kinds to be accurate in what is being published, and to communicate with those concerned to ensure the accuracy of the information when it is published. -Petra

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