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Taher Al-Masry publishes his memoirs “The White Truth”

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publish date 2021-09-15 22:00:09

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This afternoon, at the Shoman Cultural Forum, the publication of the book of the memoirs of former Prime Minister Taher Al-Masry, which was titled “The White Truth” and what it represents of a rich history of Jordanian politics and important stages of Jordan’s stations over more than half a century, took place this afternoon..

The signing ceremony was attended by the former Prime Minister Awn Al-Khasawneh, the former minister and parliamentarian, Muhammad Fares Al-Tarawneh, Sheikh Talal Seitan Al-Madhi, the legal expert Dr. Anis Al-Qassem, and the master of the parliamentary ceremony, Wafaa Bani Mustafa.

And Al-Khasawneh said that a good book does not need to be presented, and a bad book does not deserve any introduction, stressing that the Egyptian book does not need to be presented.

He added that he might disagree with Al-Masry in some of his stances and might agree, but he was known for his integrity, his rise above minorities, and his keenness on public money., emphasizing The Egyptian, who was destined to assume positions early, paid a heavy price for his positions.

Al-Khasawneh answered the question of why the politician writes his memoirs despite the lack of this in ancient Arabic literature, that politicians in Jordan have the right to write history from their point of view, but Al-Masry’s memoirs came far from exaggeration and exaggeration..

The former minister, Muhammad Faris Al-Tarawneh, said that Al-Masry was influenced by the national waters in the fifties of the last century through the political parties and then by the Nasserist waters later, in addition to what he went through previously and the price his family paid like other Palestinians.

Sheikh Talal Saitan Al-Madhi described Al-Masry’s memoirs as an addition to the National Political Library, as an unflinching witness to Jordan’s political history., indicating that The notes were free from fancy, fawning and forgery.

Dr. Anis Qassem described Al-Masry’s memoirs as a narration of the witness to the events of his time from his point of view, and it necessarily focuses on him, but Al-Masry is an exceptional witness, as his testimony chronicles an important era in the life of the Jordanian state.

And Al-Masry thanked the speakers and attendees, regardless of disagreement or agreement, as well as the Ministry of Culture and the Shoman Forum, stressing that he does not consider this gathering a festive event, but rather a special occasion to publicize his memoirs..

He said that he committed himself in writing his memoirs with the restriction that the truth be white, and telling the truth as much as he could.

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