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Governorate denies canceling the Curriculum Agreement (Collins)

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publish date 2021-09-16 09:48:07

Azmi Mohafza, head of the Supreme Council of the National Center for Curriculum Development, explained that the tender was referred with Collins about three years ago to develop curricula and for all school stages, which was accompanied by making some amendments to the terms of the agreement, by making the center rely mainly on educational experiences and concepts. Jordanian.

In a statement to Al-Rai newspaper, Mohafazah said: Work has been done to develop ten curricula and work has begun, and only the first secondary and orientation classes remain, which have not yet been completed.

He added: The development of curricula for the rest of the investigations is carried out by Jordanian experts and specialists who are keen on developing loyalty and belonging to national, national and religious values ​​and developing thinking and creativity skills.

Indicating that Collins publishing house signed the tender to print textbooks only, and denied canceling the agreement with Collins.

Mohafaza confirmed that work with the curricula will remain until the ministry desires to make another development on the curricula in later years.

Regarding the center’s tasks, Mohafazah referred to its work aimed at developing curricula and textbooks, according to the best modern methods in line with the needs of the Kingdom and the educational process, in addition to developing the high school exam and conducting national and international tests.

He added that the center set the general framework for the Jordanian curricula, which was approved by the Supreme Council of the National Center for Curriculum Development and the Council of Education, and adopted frameworks for science, mathematics, Islamic education, English language, art education and physical education, and is currently working on developing and approving the framework for digital skills, social sciences and the Arabic language. Written by science and mathematics books for ten grades and Islamic education books for the first semester of the first, fourth, seventh and tenth grades.

It is noteworthy that the center has reached, after months of negotiations, to amend the agreement with the British “Harper Collins” publishing house, so that the process of developing science and mathematics curricula is carried out by Jordanian experts selected by the center, as the center owns a permanent license to use those books after the original agreement was It provides for the use of those books for three years only.

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