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Former Minister: Oman has 7,500 beds to serve 5 million citizens!

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publish date 2021-09-16 20:36:31

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Former Minister Marwan Jumaa considered that the problem of Al-Bashir Hospital is not the problem of the current minister or the Secretary-General, as much as it is a problem of slack and deterioration in the public sector over decades, the flight of competencies and the weakness of capabilities.

In a post on his Facebook account, he added that in the civilized world, the ratio of medical beds per 1000 citizens reaches 10 or 12 beds, but in Oman there are about 7,500 beds to serve 5 million citizens, or 1.5 per 1000.

And between “If we take the public sector and the army that served 4 out of the 5 million, the ratio will be reduced to 1 per 1000 because the total family is only 4000.”

Juma’a confirmed, “Yes, the investigation is required and accountability is necessary because people’s lives are not tamed, but when the doctor is required to treat 100 cases per hour and the nurse follows up on 300 patients at the same time, he will surely make mistakes on a daily basis, and not only the cases we heard about recently! Focus on the disease, and deal with the symptoms.

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