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Al-Kosbi stresses the need to prepare for the coming winter

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publish date 2021-09-16 21:31:13

The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Yahya Al-Kasabi, stressed the need for the ministry to prepare for the coming winter and take all precautionary measures in all regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Kasabi said, according to a press release, that a special emergency plan for each governorate and a joint emergency plan had been adopted in the event that the governorate did not tolerate certain weather conditions.

And he indicated that the plan focuses on opening main and secondary roads, removing snow, sand and dust from road surfaces, and treating collapses and slips to reduce the effects of torrential rains and floods immediately.

Al-Kasabi stressed the need to clean manholes, rain drainage networks, valley streams and rainwater ferries to ensure their readiness to absorb the amounts of rain flowing, and to ensure the readiness of equipment and mechanisms and the necessary work for them, in addition to ensuring the means of communication to deal with the coming winter and the readiness of operating rooms in the governorates and districts, and a room The main operations of the center.

Al-Kasabi stressed the need to provide the ministry with the precautionary measures that have been taken and an emergency plan for each directorate for areas prone to torrential rains and floods, calling for the need for permanent and continuous coordination with the ministry’s partners during the coming winter to ensure that any observation or complaint is addressed immediately.

The minister granted directorates and office directors the power to rent vehicles from the private sector according to their assessment and the need for them during the winter season, indicating that (750 tons) of salt were prepared to be approved and stored for use in emergency weather conditions.

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