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Al-Hunaiti continues to conclude the activities of the Bright Star 2021 exercise – Tire

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publish date 2021-09-16 18:35:49

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Today, Thursday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yousef Ahmed Al-Hunaiti, followed up with a number of leaders of the brotherly and friendly armies, the conclusion of the activities of the Bright Star 2021 exercise, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which was carried out with the participation of forces from the host country, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Cyprus, Greece and Pakistan. And Britain, along with 13 countries as an observer.

The attendees listened to a detailed explanation from those in charge of the exercise on how to plan for unconventional operations, deal with terrorist organizations and groups, civil and military operations, test all elements of the security and administrative system, and train on planning and decision-making, which was built on assumptions that simulate expected scenarios, to confront current and potential threats. within the area of ​​responsibility.

The two-week exercise included training commanders and staff members on battle preparation procedures, planning and implementing joint military operations, collecting and analyzing information and method of controlling forces during movement and carrying out tasks, in addition to planning and managing offensive operations, and coordinating the work of forces of all kinds on land, sea and air. Training subordinates on the optimal use of weapons and equipment, refining their combat skills, and assisting commanders in controlling the battle and working in a team spirit.

The final phase of the exercise, which lasted for 3 days, included the implementation of tactical military scenarios focused on how to deal with hostile ships and maritime piracy, inspecting and storming ships by lowering quick ropes and quick reaction boats, clearing and securing beaches, and deploying marines within areas of responsibility.

The participants also implemented scenarios to eliminate armed terrorist groups in control of one of the border villages, through the joint special forces that stormed and cleared the village by live shooting with light and medium weapons, sniper shooting, free and tactical jumping and rapid rope landing from helicopters, and joint rapid reaction teams Sterilization and disinfection of the village by joint chemical teams, field ambulance, medical evacuation and providing technical support and logistical support to the participating forces.

The combat and helicopter aircraft implemented the scenario of attacking, destroying and defeating enemy forces outside international borders and securing them by directing them at high-value targets by JTAC elements, with the participation of medium artillery and air defense, in addition to shooting light and medium weapons, during which the participants demonstrated a distinguished level, professionalism and high efficiency in implementing The tasks and duties assigned to them.

At the end of the exercise, Major General Al-Hunaiti expressed his pride in the level of the joint exercise between the Jordanian Armed Forces and the brotherly and friendly armed forces. He also conveyed the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to the participating Jordanian force, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the force for its good reputation and training efficiency. And high professionalism in carrying out the tasks required in the exercise activities reflected the bright image of the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army.

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