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Al-Hawari: Those who make the mistake must be held accountable…and our health system is not “dilapidated”!

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publish date 2021-09-15 21:36:18

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Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, said, in an interview with Roya TV within the program “Pulse of the Country” this evening, Wednesday, about the medical errors that a number of hospitals witnessed, that the medical profession, like any profession in the world, is subject to error, but those who make the mistake must be held accountable, stressing that “We do not accept such inexcusable mistakes in the health sector.”

He revealed that the file of the investigation of “medical errors” was referred to the Public Prosecutor for consideration, denying at the same time what was circulated about the conviction of 5 doctors for negligence in diagnosing the case of the child “Lynn” who died of an appendix explosion in Al-Bashir Hospital.

Al-Hawari indicated that the health system in Jordan needs to be developed and modernized, stressing that procedures must be developed, not plans to implement them, stressing that “the health system in Jordan is not eroded and dilapidated, and if this means that the citizen should not enter the health sector completely for fear on his life.”

Al-Hawari denied the circulating news that the doctor residing in the emergency departments of the Ministry of Health hospitals deals daily with 300 references and patients, pointing out that there is an imbalance in the working hours and a poor distribution of medical staff in hospitals, and that the administrative system must be modernized and distributed correctly.

Al-Hawari pointed out that there are about 300 medical cases pending before the judiciary, and verdicts will be issued soon.

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Jordan News

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