Jordanians are the fourth Arab people in terms of intelligence

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publish date 2021-09-15 17:46:18

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A scientific study of the smartest Arab peoples (according to IQ points), conducted between 2002-2006 by the British psychologist “Richard Lane” and the Finnish Professor “Tatu Vanhanen”, which included more than 80 countries, showed that Iraq ranks first in the Arab world after He achieved 87 points on the intelligence scale, while Kuwait was in second place with 86 points.

Yemen came in third place, after obtaining 85 points, and in fourth place, four Arab countries tied, so that their peoples achieve equal points on the intelligence scale, namely, Jordan, Morocco, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, each of which obtained an average IQ of 84 points.

It is noteworthy that the researchers noticed a reciprocal relationship between the national income and the level of intelligence, as well as a correlation between the level of intelligence and rates of economic growth and national wealth.

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