Biden visits California in support of its Democratic governor threatened with impeachment

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publish date 2021-09-13 19:18:26

US President Joe Biden began a visit to states in the western United States on Monday to defend his positions on climate change and heavy investment, as well as support for California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

The Democratic president headed to California, the stronghold of his party he has not visited since his election, to support Newsom, who faces a referendum that could topple him.

Before visiting the state, Biden will stop in Boise, Idaho, where he will visit a firefighting coordination center. Later he will head to Sacramento, the capital of California.

The final leg of his tour will be Denver, Colorado, where he will defend two bills he has proposed that would spend about $5 trillion over the next decade to repair the nation’s infrastructure, expand social services and combat climate change.

The president is expected to stress what has become a message he repeats about the urgency of dealing with climate change and related disasters, including wildfires and storms, which have devastated areas across the country over recent months.

Wildfires swept the western United States this summer, including states on Biden’s tour.

As of Sunday, the internal interagency fire center had recorded 80 major fires burning in the country, including 22 in Idaho alone, with more than 22,000 firefighters taking part.

Biden, whose position is in stark contrast to the climate-change skeptic Donald Trump’s predecessor, noted in recent comments that the world faces a “red alert” regarding the dangers of climate change and called on all sides to put aside their political differences to deal with the issue.

– California referendum –

But aside from calls for action without paying attention to partisan calculus, the president will enter the arena of partisanship during his tour of support for the California governor, whose term does not officially end until next year, at a last-minute rally in Long Beach.

Californians will vote Tuesday on the issue of firing Newsom, 53, in a referendum pushed by Republicans resentful of the rules imposed to oblige them to wear masks due to Corona, the high cost of living and the sharp rise in the number of homeless in the wealthiest and most populous US state.

And 18 years ago, a similar referendum allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to win the governorship of California.

In theory, it is unlikely that Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco who was easily elected governor of the state in 2018, faces a real risk of being ousted in the state that is a stronghold of the Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, Democrats take the referendum seriously, knowing that the possibility of tipping the scales in favor of his removal is always present, especially if the turnout is low.

State governors are elected by universal suffrage and head the executive branch in them, and they have great powers over the budget and local legislation.

And if a Republican wins California, it would be a major symbolic achievement for the Republican Party ahead of next year’s midterm elections.


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