Heating tobacco instead of burning it is the best way to reduce the risk of smoking

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Although they are not harmless, heated tobacco products are a better option for adult smokers who may continue to smoke.

Environmental and health issues have always been at the heart of Philip Morris International’s vision, which is why it moved to invest in research to find ways to reduce tobacco harm and develop advanced smoke-free products.

burning tobacco

Each time a cigarette is lit, the heat generated reaches 900 degrees Celsius. During combustion, more than 6000 toxic substances are produced that lead to a high rate of harm.

Tobacco heating

It has become certain that heating tobacco at a low temperature instead of burning it, reduces the toxic substances of smoke, and thus reduces the harm of tobacco. So it took Philip Morris International years of research and development to create smoke-free products that rely on heated tobacco and are designed to reduce or significantly eliminate the formation of chemicals from burning tobacco. Heated tobacco offers the same characteristics as a traditional cigarette, as close as possible to the taste and dose of nicotine that smokers are accustomed to. This has made it acceptable to adult consumers who are trying or not intending to quit smoking.

Using “IQOS”

In this context, Philip Morris International’s IQOS product heats tobacco rather than burns it, and therefore emits on average 95% fewer levels of harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke, but this does not necessarily mean an average reduction in risk. 95%. IQOS is not without damage.

Thanks to its advanced electronic technology, IQOS heats tobacco units up to 350 degrees Celsius, without burning, ash or smoke. It just generates a vapor that contains nicotine, and preserves the real taste of hot tobacco. Since there is no burning, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke, which means fewer risks compared to continuous smoking.

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