An American fisherman finds equipment dating back thousands of years inside a giant crocodile

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An American hunter found ancient equipment dating back thousands of years, in the stomach of a 13-foot crocodile, which he managed to catch and dissected the animal’s stomach to find out what was inside, according to “Daily Star”.

When the hunter called Cheneth dissected the stomach of the crocodile, he found in it ancient tools dating back 5 or 6 thousand years, and these tools may belong to the Native Americans.

Daily Star newspaper

The American hunter said that he found an old arrow and other tools inside the stomach of the crocodile, noting that one of the history scholars revealed that this arrow was one of the fishing tools invented by the Native Americans..

crocodile hanging
crocodile hanging

crocodile hunting
crocodile hunting

And he explained in a post on his Facebook account that he did not expect anyone to believe that he had managed to hunt such a giant beast..

Shen believes the animal ate things to try to aid digestion, as stones could break the hard parts – such as bones – in the crocodile’s stomach.


In another incident, a video clip documented a terrifying moment in which a huge crocodile chased a woman from the US state of Florida, while she was on a trip on a paddleboard, but she managed to escape from it using her paddle to push the crocodile away, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”..

The woman posted on her Facebook account several videos showing her attempt to get away from the predator before using her paddle to push the crocodile away. He tried to bite my tablet.”


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