A girl enters into a relationship with her lover.. and the conditions are to buy roses and not to impose opinions

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It seems that there are women who have become smarter than before in romantic relationships, even if the relationship ends, they do not lose everything. Application to make alms TinderThe contract stipulates paying for interviews and nights of big events, buying flowers twice a month, and working only five times a week.

me and michael

Annie Wright drew up a 17-page contract for her boyfriend just two weeks after meeting him

The girl confirmed, according to what the website published the sun That the contract was the reason for the success of her relationship and made it a relationship free of transgression, and 21-year-old Annie mixed, “The terms and conditions for dating must be written in order to continue.”

Annie and Michael’s contract, 23, also included a commitment to a romantic gesture once every two weeks and rehearsal at least five times a week, and no silent treatment without exchanging parties, presenting opinions rather than imposing them, and the girl indicated that they would review the contract annually when they celebrate their anniversary, and their first It will be next month.

“These rules have changed the game,” said Annie, from Atlanta, Georgia. “I recommend all couples to have a similar contract. It’s the best thing ever. We treat our relationship almost like a business interaction. We treat conflict like business partners. We sit down and treat it as it is.” If we were partners in life and love.


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