A “alarm bell” for a serious disease .. a small mark on the skin that you should not neglect

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Cholesterol is described as the “invisible disease”, because it is often not accompanied by symptoms, but some signs may indicate infection, if it appears on the body, while the person must not neglect it, because the worsening of the situation may lead to very serious complications.

What is meant by this disease is the excess of a fatty substance called “cholesterol” in the blood, which may lead to a blockage in the arteries, and at that time, the risk of a heart attack increases.

Health experts point out that there are only a few symptoms that alert the body to cholesterol, according to the British newspaper “Express”.

Among the symptoms of high cholesterol in human blood; A type of yellow swelling on the skin known as “Xanthoma” appears in the form of bubbles.

These bubbles are stores of cholesterol that appear in specific areas of the body, and experts consider them as a great indicator of the presence of the disease.

Doctors explain that the appearance of these yellow tendon tumors generally affects the so-called “extensor tendons” in the hand.

Data from the British Society for Surgery of the Hand indicate that the extensor tendons in the hand are flexible cords that allow the fingers to be extended and extended, by linking the muscles of the forearm and hand, and between the bones of the fingers and thumb.

These xanthomas are often of varying sizes, and may appear on the knee, hand, foot, joint, and even near the eye.

Since cholesterol does not lead to the appearance of external symptoms in most cases, it is better for a person to go for a blood test, and then he will be sure of his safety.

In the event that a person is actually sick with cholesterol, then he is called to make a number of changes to his system of life, especially at the level of nutrition.

Doctors recommend cholesterol patients to avoid foods that are high in fat, especially saturated fats that are found in materials such as butter, ghee, cheese and meat with a high percentage of fat.

The British Heart Association warns that eating a lot of foods high in saturated fat leads to raising what is known as non-HDL cholesterol, which is also described as bad cholesterol, because it causes blockages in the arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks.

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