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Expectations of a decrease in the unified acceptance rates for the current year

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publish date 2021-09-13 20:56:37

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The Director of the Unified Admission Coordination Unit – the media spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Muhannad Al-Khatib, expected that the lowest rate of admission to the College of Human Medicine would drop by 4 marks, reaching the lowest mark last year of 98.4.

He added, during his speech to Al-Mamlaka channel this evening, Monday, that the lowest acceptance rates for majors in universities can not appear in its final form until 24 hours before the results are announced.

Al-Khatib predicted, in comparison with the number of students who obtained grades of 95 or more, that the lowest rate of admission to the medical specialty would be about 95.2 for students of the current year, pointing out that the number of seats allocated in the Faculty of Medicine reaches about 1900 seats, distributed among 6 universities studying this specialty. .

Regarding the specialty of dentistry, he said that his situation is different due to his teaching in only two universities and the demand of female students who obtained high rates for his studies, indicating that “expectations that the minimum admission limit will not decrease as it is in the field of medicine, as this is due to the great demand for the specialty of dentistry. And the few seats and universities it studies compared to the first,” noting that the lowest rate reached last year for his entry was 98.

He added that this year the lowest acceptance rate is expected to drop by about a mark to a mark and a half.

He pointed out that the seats allocated to dentistry in the two universities he is studying, namely Jordan and Science and Technology, amount to about 420 seats.

With regard to engineering majors, Al-Khatib indicated that the lowest admission rate depends on the students’ choices and the extent of demand for them, especially that they are many and differ from one university to another.

Al-Khatib expected that the lowest rates of admission in the disciplines of pharmacy, pharmacy and engineering will drop by 3-4 marks compared to last year, indicating that this depends on the nature of the specialization, the extent of students’ demand for it, and the universities that are requested.

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