The Times: Saudi Arabia is concerned about the US transfer of the Patriot missile system

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publish date 2021-09-13 20:34:56

newspaper published “The TimesA report prepared by Michael Evans, translated by “Arabi 21,” in which he said that the Pentagon’s decision to withdraw advanced Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia raised the concerns of officials in the Kingdom about the United States’ military commitments in the Middle East.

Evans said that satellite images from the Prince Sultan base, 70 miles southeast of the capital Riyadh, showed that the place where Patriot batteries had been placed since 2019 was empty.

The Pentagon’s decision to withdraw the batteries coincided with its decision to transfer defense systems and weapons to Asia to counter the supposed Chinese threat.

Satellite images appeared days after Saudi Arabia decided to cancel a visit by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who was in the Gulf region with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, to thank allies, led by Qatar, for their assistance in evacuating Americans and Afghans from Kabul airport last month.

There were no indications that the Saudi position on the visit was linked to the withdrawal of the Patriot systems, but Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the former intelligence director, told CNBC, “We want reassurances from the United States.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States continues to maintain a strong military presence in the Middle East.

In 2019, the United States sent a long-range defense system, as well as Patriot missiles, radars and hundreds of soldiers to Riyadh, after the oil facilities in the east of the Kingdom were subjected to missile and drone attacks, which the United States blamed on Iran.

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