Settlements continue in Daraa..a warning against dismantling Rukban

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It does not seem that the case of the coup by the Syrian regime against the settlement of the summer of 2018, will be confined to the “Daraa al-Balad” neighborhood, which is confirmed by the news coming from southern Syria.

According to “Arabi 21” sources, on Monday morning, the Syrian regime forces began implementing the settlement agreement in the town of al-Yadouda in the western countryside of Daraa, under the auspices of Russia.

The spokesman for the “Ahrar Houran Gathering,” Abu Mahmoud al-Hourani, told “Arabi 21” that a delegation from the Syrian regime forces, accompanied by the Russian military police, opened a settlement center in the city of Yadoudah, in implementation of the terms of the agreement reached with the Central Committee under Russian auspices. , Sunday.

The agreement includes settling the situation of wanted youths and defectors from the Syrian regime forces in the town of al-Yadouda, in the context of paving the way for the deployment of points for regime forces, as well as ending the state of armed manifestations, in addition to searching homes and checking identity cards by regime forces.

In turn, the “Ahrar Houran Gathering” confirmed that the Yadoudeh agreement came after a meeting held between the notables of the town and the regime delegation at the request of the head of the Military Security Branch in Daraa, Louay Al-Ali, who informed the notables of the regime’s demands to spare the town a military escalation.

He explained that “the regime is seeking to impose its security grip on Daraa governorate again, starting with the areas of a revolutionary nature and ending with full control of the governorate under Russian tutelage, with promises to release detainees, return services, and cancel security prosecutions against opponents, similar to the promises of the 2018 settlement agreement. which have not been implemented.

The writer and political analyst, Darwish Khalifa, told Arabi 21 that the international silence about the developments in Daraa al-Balad, and the continuous displacement and bombing for nearly 70 days, forced the people and notables of Houran to accept agreements that would preserve their presence in their cities and villages.

He added, that after the agreement in Daraa al-Balad, it is expected that Russia will move in the same direction in the rest of the areas of Daraa, due to the international community abandoning its obligations to protect civilians.

Khalifa said, “Clearly, the regions of southern Syria are heading towards a settlement with a Russian guarantee,” asking: “But do the Russians have the ability to restrain the regime?” He replied: “This is what we did not witness during the last campaign against Daraa al-Balad, and I do not think that the Russians have the ability to do so.”

Warning against dismantling the “Rukban”

In addition, families from al-Rukban camp, located at the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle, in the al-Tanf area (Area 55), which is under the influence of the “international coalition” forces, refused to leave the camp, towards the regime-controlled areas.

The head of the local council in al-Rukban camp, Muhammad Ahmad al-Darbas, confirmed in an exclusive interview with Arabi21 that the trucks rented by the United Nations left the camp empty as they came.

He explained that the trucks are intended for transporting livestock and cement, which generated a feeling of anger among about 100 families who were forced, under poverty and disease, to choose the option of heading towards regime-controlled areas, without guarantees that they would not be subjected to abuse and arrest by the regime forces and its security services.

The United Nations office in Damascus had announced its support for the voluntary return of the residents of the Rukban camp to the areas controlled by the Syrian regime.

According to al-Darbas, the estimated 1,000 families living in the camp are living under difficult living conditions, exacerbated by the interruption of UN aid for more than a year and a half, revealing the refusal of the “United Nations” to provide guarantees for those who wish to leave the camp.

In the same context, the head of the local council accused the United Nations of helping Russia and the Syrian regime to implement the plan to dismantle the camp, in order to serve the goals related to portraying the regime’s areas as safe areas.

Al-Darbas said that Russia is focusing on emptying the camp, which is located in an area controlled by the coalition forces, and added that the regime-controlled areas have become more secure than the areas where the “international coalition” is present to combat terrorism.

In the same context, Amnesty International warned of the danger of returning Syrian refugees to the regime’s areas, and said in a report that “the United Nations claimed to facilitate the transfer of people from Rukban camp to temporary shelters in Homs, and they will be placed in quarantine for a period of 14 days. The Assad regime is allowed to use these shelters to arrest and interrogate returnees, who may be subjected to torture and enforced disappearance.”

She confirmed that she had documented the arrest and torture of 66 people by the Assad regime’s intelligence after their return from al-Rukban camp to their country, where some of them were arrested from inside the shelters in Homs, and others were arrested before they reached the centers.

Amnesty International concluded its report by calling on the international community and the Jordanian government to ensure urgent humanitarian access to the camp.

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