Hundreds of spoons were thrown in front of the occupation embassy in America to support the prisoners

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publish date 2021-09-13 12:15:48

Activists circulated on social media, a picture they said was of a solidarity event with the prisoners who liberated themselves, in front of the occupation embassy in the United States by throwing spoons.

The picture shows hundreds of spoons lying at the entrance to the occupation embassy in the United States, in a symbolic reference to the Gilboa prison operation, in which the six prisoners dug a tunnel from the floor of the cell and were able to free themselves through it.

The activists’ activity came to ridicule the occupation, which tightens the security fortifications in its prisons, and eventually the prisoners managed to breach them and dig a tunnel through which they got out.

It is noteworthy now that the occupation, after 5 days of frantic pursuit, in which it recruited thousands of its members, along with its security and intelligence services, managed to re-arrest four prisoners, out of the 6, while two of the prisoners who liberated themselves are still at large until the moment, despite the passage of about a week On the operation, continue to search for them.

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