Haaretz: Our trade with the UAE has surpassed most of our partners

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publish date 2021-09-13 19:43:12

The Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, said that the analysis of the numbers, after about a year of normalization agreements between the UAE and Israel, shows a huge volume of exports by Abu Dhabi to the occupying country within one month. But on the other hand, what Israel exports are qualitative.

The newspaper said that the volume of exports during June-July 2021 from Israel to the UAE amounted to 210 million dollars, while the opposite amounted to 400 million dollars.

According to the estimates of the Israel Export Institute, a large part of the trade is the export of high-tech services such as cyber technology, for which there is no digital data, and these are the areas that enrich the Israeli economy more than any other branch.

He said that the volume of data includes a booming trade in diamonds with 70 percent of exports and about half of imports. Diamonds are an area whose real economic impact on the economy is difficult to measure, bearing in mind that we are talking about a branch in which Israel imports rough diamonds and exports polished products.

He said it was also unknown what the impact of the covert activity of the Eilat to Ashdod Oil Pipeline Company, a government-owned company, which, among other things, transports crude oil from the UAE to the port of Eilat and then to the Mediterranean, will be. Its activity enriches a number of independent businessmen, she said.

The newspaper said that trade without diamonds amounted to only $94 million last year, as the main areas of activity in which Israeli exporters have worked are medical devices and agricultural technology.

“I am not talking about diamonds, but about a significant increase in service provision,” said Adib Baruch, head of the Export Institute. The important areas are agriculture, low technology, finance, civil cyber and digital medicine, which are growing at a high rate.” The total of Israel’s exports is 50 billion dollars a year, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

He pointed out that if trade continues at the current pace, the UAE will surpass many European countries, as long as the volume of trade with Israel is concerned, and it will become one of the twenty major partners that trade with us.

He added, “Now, trade volumes with the UAE are several times higher than other neighboring countries such as Jordan and Egypt, and more than Sweden and are similar to countries like Russia.”

Baruch pointed out that “in the first stage, we will focus on the field of medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is a wide range of medical tourism in this field. People from Britain, Iran and Russia come there to perform medical plastic surgery, and Dubai is considered Beverly Hills 2 in this field, and there are many world-class experts who have clinics in it and in Abu Dhabi, and they enjoy tax facilities and the infrastructure in it is satisfactory, and they transfer these procedures medical to a tourist celebration.”

He added: “For me the Federation of the Emirates, even in terms of the size of the market and in terms of the profits that can be made there from each deal, is much greater than Israel, these are simply big deals and we come with advanced technology compared to the competitors, we met there with a large number of technological people The very ones who were educated in the most expensive universities in the United States, and they know how to conduct negotiations perfectly.”

The newspaper pointed out that the jewelry trade in Israel is the biggest winner, and the head of the Diamond Association, Gadi Gertal, said: “In the Emirates, they set themselves the goal of controlling the crossroads of trade, which lies between Asia and the Arab countries, and the field of gold and jewelry is necessary for them.”

He added: “Unlike Bahrain, for which trading in jewelry is for the purpose of selling it to customers, the sheikhs themselves, in the UAE they are marketing very heavily to be a commercial exchange.”

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