The latest leaks of the “iPhone 13” before it was revealed

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Leaks of the “Apple” iPhone 13 continue, with the event organized by the American company approaching, on Tuesday, the latest of which is related to the colors and storage capacity of the upcoming device.

The “T3” website, which specializes in technical news, revealed a set of leaks issued by the “91 Mobiles” website, which talked about the presence of more than one phone that will be launched under the “iPhone 13”, and it will be different among them in terms of colors and storage capacity.

The iPhone 13 mini will come with a storage capacity of 64 to 128 GB, and it will be available in black, blue, purple, pink, white and red colors.

As for the iPhone 13 Pro, it will be available to users in black, silver, gold and bronze colors, with two storage capacities of 128 and 256 GB.

For the iPhone 13 Pro Max version, it will be available in black, silver, gold and bronze colors, with two storage capacities of 256 and 512 GB.

Previous leaks had indicated that the “iPhone 13” will contain modern cameras and a long-life battery, and it will also support satellite communication in areas where coverage disappears.

The new Apple phone will also integrate a long-life battery, in addition to connectivity to the fifth generation networks, and an advanced display screen, and many improvements will be added to the cameras.

And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”, the phone’s camera will allow capturing high-resolution images thanks to the adoption of artificial intelligence technology, and provide multiple options for shooting, especially in low-light conditions.

And there will be updates on the rear camera, as a new imaging system called Cinematic Video has been introduced, meaning that the camera will be able to shoot with a quality equivalent to cinematography.

This imaging gives users the ability to control the amount of blur area (Blur) after the video is finished recording, as well as the ability to adjust the lighting and background effects.

In order for this system to be effective, “Apple” developed a “filters” system on photos, as users of “iPhone 13” will be able to focus filters on specific parts of the image.

Among the advantages that technical leaks believe that Apple will improve in its upcoming phone is facial recognition technology, which has been criticized for its poor ability to identify users who were wearing masks due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And leaks also talked about that the upcoming “Apple” event will reveal a new “Apple” watch, completely redesigned.

According to a report by the Digi Times website, which specializes in technical news, Apple will increase the price of the iPhone 13 compared to previous versions.

According to the American magazine Forbes, Apple received a notification from TSMC, which is the largest supplier of chips, stating that it will raise production costs, which will increase the price of the expected iPhone 13.

The increase will be 5% for 7nm processors, while the increase will be 20% for processing technologies.

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