Funny video of a son trying to entertain his elderly mother by playing table tennis with her

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The mother knows that she is a symbol of sacrifice because she spends her life seeking everything that would make her children happy, which is what the children must meet with loyalty that confirms their keenness to return even a small part of this beautiful, and every son has the means to make his mother happy, and it varies from person to person according to Because of the nature of the societies in which they live, and according to their capabilities, but in all cases the common denominator among righteous sons is that they all manage to bring joy to the hearts of their mothers.

A video clip published by the China International Television Network shows a man participating in a game of “table tennis” with his mother in a home garden, while the dog hands them the ball when it falls from the table..

Table Tennis

And the network says about the video, which it posted on its Twitter account, that it was widely circulated after it showed human moments between the righteous son and his elderly mother, who shares his toys..

She added, “Although the mother’s age is over 80 years old, this did not prevent her from practicing sports with her son in moments that reflect warm family feelings.”

The lady is playing table tennis
The lady is playing table tennis

In another context, out of fear for her children, a Chinese mother searched for an alternative way to provide fun for them without the risk of drowning while they were away from her. Without facing the risk of drowning, according to the Russian agency Sputnik.

The small pool was designed by the mother in the garden of the house, with an appropriate distance that allows children to play inside it when it is filled with water, as its depth does not exceed a meter, which provides them with the necessary safety.

One of the children is shown swimming in the pool freely, while another child participates with him.


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