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Hanifat: 30 million dinars, the cost of infrastructure for the agricultural sector and 4 loan packages

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publish date 2021-09-12 23:23:50

On Sunday, Minister of Agriculture Khaled Al-Hunaifat announced that 6,500 job opportunities had been secured in the afforestation project, indicating that they are temporary job opportunities.

Al-Hanaifat added to the “Voice of the Kingdom” program, that about 3,700 have been trained, and there will also be 1,000 after them, and then the number will increase to about 1,500.

Al-Hanaifat explained earlier that the afforestation project was divided into two parts, the first of which was cleaning the forests from waste and weeds, which contributed to avoiding fires despite their spread in many countries, and the other part, by training 5,000 workers in the Jordan Valley to replace the expatriate workers.

“With regard to training, it may end with permanent employment in cooperation with the Vocational Training Corporation and the National Company for Employment and Training. The trainee will be able through his technical rehabilitation, and we may continue with him for two years and provide him with social security at the expense of the state to ensure that he remains in the agricultural sector,” according to the minister.

Agricultural products

The Minister of Agriculture said that the process of marketing agricultural products suffers from distortions, pointing out that the selling mechanism within the central market is not regulated.

Al-Hanaifat pointed out that there is a problem with the sale mechanism, which is not clear in general.

He added that the agricultural sector has great challenges, including traditional challenges in addition to the challenges of natural resources such as water, noting that “the most important challenge is marketing.”

“It is necessary to find and create an infrastructure that supports the agricultural sector,” according to the Minister of Agriculture.

He explained that the regulation of work within the market is linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, adding that if there is no solidarity among all parties, there will be no success for any plan in the market.

He called for the creation of legislation regulating work in the market, with penalties for those who do not comply with them.

The minister explained that establishing an infrastructure for the market costs about 30 million dinars, pointing out that the ministry is discussing with the Amman Municipality over the infrastructure construction.

Al-Hanaifat said that agricultural lending served the agricultural sector “greatly”, pointing out that 4 packages were offered to serve the sector within 4 months.

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