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Al-Jazi: Correction of 27 inquiries monitored by the Audit Bureau during the past month

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publish date 2021-09-13 19:14:14

Today, Monday, the team charged with reviewing documented clarifications at the Audit Bureau discussed the violations that were monitored during the month of August, during a meeting held at the Prime Minister’s House, headed by Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jazi.

Al-Jazi revealed in press statements that the total number of clarifications that were discussed amounted to 27, and all necessary measures have been taken to correct them accordingly.

And he indicated that the violations that were monitored and reviewed during the month of August did not include referrals to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission or the judiciary, pointing out that most of them relate to administrative, technical and financial violations that are usually repeated, and work is underway to correct them.

Al-Jazi explained that the majority of clarifications focused on detecting violations in government tenders, such as receiving projects or transferring them in violation, delaying their completion, or making changes to them before the issuance of fundamental approvals on the change order, or weak design and laboratory studies in some bids.

It also revealed the existence of violations related to exempting, reducing or postponing the tax on imported goods other than the legislation in force, or clearing goods despite their non-compliance with specifications, in addition to other irregularities in the clearance of some vehicles.

He pointed out that there are other violations related to a lack of payment of amounts and fees owed to the treasury, in addition to the disbursement of rewards, sums, allowances and advances to employees and workers in some government institutions, companies and universities unjustly, and the use of government vehicles other than the instructions; He affirmed that the necessary measures will be taken to correct it and recover the amounts spent other than the instructions.

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