Lynn’s death in Al-Bashir Hospital causes sadness and anger.. and her father tells the details – photos

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publish date 2021-09-13 10:31:14

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The death of the child, Lynn Abu Hatab, at Al-Bashir Governmental Hospital, sparked widespread grief and anger among those who traded the incident on social media platforms, with calls for a neutral investigation.

5-year-old Lin died of an appendix burst inside her body, which led to blood poisoning and her death.

Lin’s father, Maher Abu Hatab, recounted the details, saying that he went to the hospital with his daughter the first time and the case was diagnosed as a urinary tract infection. through a private physician.

Abu Hatab said that due to his financial circumstances, he brought Lynn back to Al-Bashir and it was found that the inflammation had reached a large extent, which led to the appendix’s explosion and an operation was performed on her, but she died after the toxins spread in her body.

Lin’s father accused doctors of not responding to his daughter’s cries and aches in hospital departments.

For his part, the director of Al-Bashir Hospitals, Dr. Abdul-Manea Al-Sulaimat, vowed to hold accountable all those who fell short in the case of the girl Lynn, stressing in radio statements that a neutral investigation committee had been formed in the case, and all those who fell would be held accountable. He pointed out that the committee’s decision will be issued today, Monday or Tuesday, and the necessary action will be taken, vowing to transfer the case to the Public Prosecution in the event that any negligence or negligence is proven.

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