Arrest of suspects involved in drug robbery under threat in Amman

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publish date 2021-09-13 11:44:06

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The security services arrested two people who stole a sum of money under threat from a pharmacy in the Dahiyat al-Rasheed area of ​​Amman, the Public Security Directorate said today, Monday.

The directorate said that a report was received yesterday evening that two unidentified persons entered a pharmacy in the Dahiyat al-Rasheed area in the capital and stole 800 dinars from inside it under threat with sharp tools.

And she added, “As soon as the report was received, the criminal investigation cadres moved to the place and began collecting information from the crime scene so that, within a record period of time, they could identify the suspects and the vehicle they were traveling in and determine their whereabouts.

According to the directorate, the two people were seized with part of the stolen money, in addition to a set of sharp tools they used in the case, and by interrogating them, they confessed to committing the robbery case, and the investigation is still underway in preparation for referring them to the judiciary.

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