Tunisian President: The 2014 Constitution is not eternal, and I am preparing to amend it (witness)

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publish date 2021-09-12 20:05:29

Tunisian President Kais Saied said that he is preparing to amend the country’s constitution, but that he will do so “except by using the existing constitutional means”, as he described it, more than two months after his coup against the government and parliament.

The president’s comments represent his clearest statement yet about what he intends to do after pledging not to return to the way the country was. Speaking live on television from a street in downtown Tunis, Said said he respects the 2014 democratic constitution, but it is not eternal and can be amended.

He added to Tunisian television: “Amendments must be made in the framework of the constitution.”

On Wednesday, one of Saeed’s advisers said the president plans to suspend the constitution and submit a revised version through a referendum, drawing opposition from political parties.

Concern is growing, both internally and among the Western democratic countries that supported Tunisia’s public finances, about Said’s intentions since his coup, dismissal of the prime minister and suspension of parliament’s work.

Although he extended these measures indefinitely a month later, he has yet to appoint a new government at a time when Tunisia is facing a mounting economic crisis.

Saeed also said Saturday that he was about to appoint a new government.

The ambassadors of the Group of Seven countries, a few days ago, urged the Tunisian president to quickly appoint a new head of government and to return to the constitutional system in which parliament plays a major role.

Article 144 of the constitution stipulates that any constitutional amendment can only be put to a referendum with the approval of two-thirds of parliament, a parliament that Said described last month as a “danger to the state.”

Ennahda, the largest party in parliament and holds a quarter of the seats, accused the president of a coup, and said on Saturday that deviating from the constitution would mean a setback for democracy.

Also on Saturday, the Tunisian Labor Union indicated its opposition to the idea of ​​suspending the constitution, calling instead for new parliamentary elections.

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